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Enjoy Expertly Chosen Wines – Monthly.

In our search for small production, unique wines for our beverage program, we realized that we could offer the same wines for our guests to enjoy – at home. Our intention is not to focus on grocery store/big box wines, but wines that are fully expressing the character of their terroir, winemaker and history. We are thrilled to bring you the Red Door Somm Wine Club. Here’s what you need to know:

You can view our inaugural wines here.

Somm Wine Club Pricing: $100/2 bottles, $175/4 bottles.

We will bring you small-batch, hand-crafted wines from across the globe, selected by our owner and sommelier, Richard DeAngelis.

Wine will be ready for pick up the second Wednesday of each month, and you can enjoy wine tastings during our Somm Wine Club Happy Hour.

Wines will not necessarily be all red or white; (when available rose and sparkling will also be included). These wines will be selected based on their extreme quality over price (value) in combination with their limited availability. These are handcrafted, limited quantities from the best vineyards, made by both up and coming winemakers and established icons of wine.

Enjoy quarterly wine tastings and seminars exclusively for club members only.

If you love the selection and want more, additional bottles can be purchased (if available).

Memberships are quarterly (3 months) and can be renewed online.

* We welcome and value your feedback – if you have thoughts, questions, or ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know. And if you want to explore particular wine regions or varietals, let us know and we’ll do our best to track it down. We will gladly source wine requests for your everyday wine needs, but we will not be your vendor for grocery store brands; Sam’s Club has that covered. 
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Notes from our Owner & Sommelier, Richard DeAngelis:

What the heck is a somm? It’s short for sommelier, a groovy French term for a wine professional. What a chef is to food, a somm is to wine; an expert. 

Red Door can best described as a true farm-to-table restaurant, which means our beverage program must be congruent with what Chef Lucy and her staff are doing in the kitchen. Think about it, why renovate a nearly 100 year old house into a restaurant to serve frozen fries and chicken wings, Budweiser and Bonanza Cabernet? We want to be the best restaurant we possibly can be, from food to service, from wine to rye.

These are – truly – great wines! 

Somm Wine Club April 2022

By |April 6, 2022|Behind the Scenes, Somm Wine Club, Wine|

I feel very lucky to be able to feature two exquisite wines from Zenaida Cellars for our April Somm Wine Club selections – and have them with join on April 13 for our Zenaida Wine Dinner. The Somm Wine Club is meant to showcase wines that make you say “wow!” These two wines definitely deliver.

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