Grove Roots Beer Now Served at The Red Door With First Ever Lakeland Expansion

Joe Dunham has been making beer for a long, long time. And with rousing success, he brought his passion to life with the wildly popular Grove Roots Brewery in Winter Haven. Joe grew up there, and has been dying to have his delicious brews into the Lakeland area.

Now, for the first time in Lakeland, Grove Roots beer will now be served on tap at The Red Door! Come into the restaurant to experience the Toast oatmeal brown ale, or the Lip Ripper classic and strong IPA.

“Richard and The Red Door has always been focused on the two things I take just as seriously: local support and craft food and beverage. They are always on the cutting edge of Lakeland’s culinary market, and so this collaboration is the perfect fit,” says Joe Dunham.

The Red Door is currently open Tues-Wed 5-9PM, Thur-Sat 5-10PM, and Sun 11AM-2PM. The fall menu is filled with both unique and classic dining options. And now, the perfect beer is available right now to pair with any meal.

The Red Door is Seeking to Improve and Transform Local Neighborhoods

We are often asked where the term “hoodie” (our delicious to-go meals) came from. The idea was simple: we wanted to allow those in our neighbor-“hood” who can’t make it to the restaurant enjoy Red Door food at home! But that’s just the beginning to our overall mission in the Lakeland area.

Your neighborhood isn’t just those who live around the block. If you are invested in the community, you pay attention and care about the individuals, families, and businesses that surround you. These are all well-meaning people who succeed and fail together in our own mini-economy.

At the Red Door, we talk to other “independent, made from scratch” restaurants almost daily. When people hear we regularly collaborate and assist other restaurants in our niche like Nineteen61, they wonder why we assist “competitors”.

It’s because when other quality businesses in the hospitality succeed, we all thrive. The more Lakeland invests in local cuisine, the more growth we will see, and the better service we can provide.

We define our restaurant as CRAFT. Craft is melding our professional experiences into an expression through food. We try to take it a few steps deeper by advocating a congruent attitude to all that we do, whether we are talking food, wine, beer, professional service, or how we hire.

We want all of our actions to work together towards building a more complete community fabric.

There are few things to look forward to that prove we’re on the right track. We will be soon be serving cold brew from the highly praised Concord Coffee. A local entrepreneur who has created Tonic beverages will partner with us. Organizations like Fit Niche, Explorations Five, Florida Dance, Pace for Girls, LVIM, and Viste have all worked with the Red Door to hold events or spread the word about their mission.

So join us on our commitment towards a happier, healthier, and well-fed neighborhood. We all win.