Somm Wine Club April 2022

I feel very lucky to be able to feature two exquisite wines from Zenaida Cellars for our April Somm Wine Club selections – and have them with join on April 13 for our Zenaida Wine Dinner. The Somm Wine Club is meant to showcase wines that make you say “wow!” These two wines definitely deliver.

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The Importance of Reservations

In the wake of so much uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has become increasingly clear - the importance of reservations. The restaurant industry has never before experienced a period of such rapid change; and while we do our best to roll with the punches and continue to bring you the best in craft food, service, and sommelier-selected wines, we need your help.

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Why do we set a bar so high that at times it seems we’re the only ones who care? Well, that is where it begins - because we do care. I wanted the Red Door to be a place that allows our guests to have an exceptional dining experience while enjoying the comfort of quality time with the people they are sharing a table with. That is the experience we want our guests to have when they join us - CRAFT + COMFORT.

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